Unite against Child Marriages Programme

Unite against Child Marriages Programme

United against Child Marriage (UACM) programme was implemented in three states of India Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. The three states are situated in the eastern part of India as a continuous stretch from Bihar to Jharkhand and Jharkhand to Odisha. The UaCM programme in India was led by five organisations - Bihar Voluntary Health Association, Child In Need Institute, Development Focus, Restless Development and Voluntary Health Association of India. .


  • 24729 Peer leaders were empowered to prevent the Childmarriages in their own villages.
  • 476140 people were reached through awareness generation activities.
  • 1349 Youth clubs or teen clubs and schools were used as platforms for engaging youth and adolescents. Equal emphasis was given to participation of boys and girls. Restless Development used innovative participatory methods for creating awareness about ill effects of child marriage, ARSH, etc.
  • Within a span of one year the partners prevented 291 child marriages and re-admitted 512 girls in the schools.
  • The programme will be scaled up from 2016 to 2020 with more reach

We Do A Let To Make All The Childern Of The World Happy

Girls need access to education. The longer a girl stays in school, the less likely the chance that she will be married off at a young age.