Restless Development

Restless Development

Half the world is Under 25. That's 3 Billion people. And that is a lot of positive energy. Yet, young people are often seen as the problem, helpless or even dangerous.

We Beg to Differ

What Do We Know?

Young people are most affected by the persistent problems facing the world. And yet we are frequently overlooked as a resource.

What do we believe?

As the largest and most energetic population, young people can and must be part of the solution. With our guidance and support, young people can become educators, facilitators and policy makers of today. Not Tomorrow.

What are we here for?

We are working with young people in development since 1985. We started small, but with a big idea about how young people can and must play a lead role in making the world a better place for all.

How do we do it?

We train, educate, support, and inspire young people to lead development in the countries and communities.

We help young people make responsible choices about their health and the livelihoods.

We give them the skills they need to contribute positively to society.

We create the opportunity for young people to play active roles in policy and decision making.

About Us

Restless Development, (legally known as Students Partnership Worldwide India Project Trust), is a youth-led development agency, working in India for the past 25 years, committed to mobilizing young people as an effective human resource in development efforts, empowering and including young people living in poor rural communities and directly influencing government strategies to include a focus on young people. We currently work in the states of Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.

Our Mission is to place young people in the forefront of change and development

Our Vision is that young people are taking a leadership role in addressing the most urgent issues facing their countries and the world, supported fully by their governments, their communities, businesses and civil society institutions

Our model of youth led development has been time and again cited as best practice by UNICEF, UNAIDS and the World Bank



Young people are taking up meaningful and gainful employment opportunities contributing to their household income.


Young people participate in monitoring and shaping government policies and practice which is beneficial and accountable to all citizens


Young people remain healthy, take informed decisions in their lives regarding reproductive and hygiene practices and influence their peers in a positive way.

National Strategic Framework

In order to work effectively and plan on reaching the objectives of the organization for the next five years, Restless Development has drafted a National Strategic Framework for the year (2011 2015). The National Strategic framework comprises a structured plan and states how the organization would be working on all the three goal areas over the coming years. The National Strategic Framework had been prepared after having series of consultation with different stakeholders starting from government departments, community based organizations, national and local level NGOs in all the states where Restless Development is working. Thorough Desk Research followed by action research for hearing the voices of the youth, parents, teachers and other gate keepers had also been done.

Our Current modes of intervention


This is an international initiative that aims to inspire, mobilize and unite young people in an effort to push back the spread of HIV and AIDS. The use of popular culture, particularly dance engages young people and creates an experience which is personal, interactive and emotional. The concept follows the steps of inspire, educate, activate and celebrate.

The concept is owned by a Dutch based organization called Dance4life that reaches more than 30 countries worldwide.

In India, Restless Development has partnered with the organization in programme implementation and is the National Concept Owner of the programme.

The Project is implemented by Restless Development in 4 states, which includes Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu.

Youth Resource Centre

We have signed the prestigious MoU with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India as the pioneering youth led agency to pilot the implementation of 8 Youth Resource Centres in 4 states of India as part of the Indian National Youth Policy.

The Youth resource centre will be an information hub with a library, computers, a corner for peer advice and murals and paintings drawn by young people themselves on the areas of health, livelihoods and youth participation in governance.

The youth resource centre will be run by young people from the community and will serve as a model for youth engagement as outlined in the National Youth Policy (draft 2003).

Facilitator for Youth Livelihoods

Based on our continued research on livelihoods, Restless Development will serve as a facilitating agent feeding into the entrepreneurship training programmes of other like-minded players. We will source young people from the communities, provide them with soft skills, help them in choosing their career paths and link them to appropriate service providers for livelihood options - skills training, career development, employment and developing entrepreneurship.